Critical Environments Manager – Amsterdam


The Critical Environments Manager (CEM), Amsterdam will be located at the Amsterdam data centre, reporting directly to the Critical Environments Director, (CED) Europe (based in the UK) and reporting indirectly to the local site Managing Director and Operations Manager.

The Critical Environments Manager, Amsterdam will ensure adequate reporting is provided by the local Operational team to Group through a variety of standard tools. The CEM will review and monitor the local Change Management and Quality Control of the data centre activities, referencing the central library of the Critical Environment policies and procedures to validate local compliance. These policies will provide a wide range of standardised programmes for training and situation exercises or drills, reporting requirements, document management, maintenance processes and procedures for site Operations to implement and demonstrate their compliance. The CEM will periodically requests reports from the site Building Management System (BMS), Electrical Performance Management System (EPMS), Uninterruptable Power Supply (UPS), and Computer Maintenance Management System (CMMS), to confirm the data being used by the site Operations team. The CEM will assist and critique communications from the Site Operation team, so they to be adequately prepared to achieve local or corporate level industry recognised certifications. This person will be the site representative for Group Critical Environment team to oversee the site development, ownership and management of operational processes and procedures and their standard adoption with other sites within the clients portfolio. The CEM, Amsterdam will have a strong mechanical and electrical background and spend approximately 20% of their time reviewing/ revising and assisting the site team with Methods of Procedures (MoPs) for use during maintenance work or project works that change the data centre equipment. Most importantly, the Critical Environments Manager, Amsterdam will own the implementation, standardisation and ongoing ownership of the local Critical Environments Programme as directed by Group Critical Environment team.


1. Health & Safety: Support the management of Health & Safety meetings (be the conscience) for the local site operations team. Responsible for ensuring the site follows standard Health & Safety programs to align with the corporate programme to ensure compliance and local legislative requirements.

2. Assessments and Audits: Report on the delivery of formal and informal checks made on the local Critical Environments Programme (CEP) and the Site Operations Business as Usual (BAU) reviews, from scope inception to the closure of any resultant action plan. The requirement is to identify the site compliance with the Critical Environments Maturity Model (CEMM) and the continuous improvement of the site performance against standard measures. Engage with the local teams during debriefing workshops and subsequent action planning meetings by communicating the concept of continuous improvement and the benefits of peer-to-peer networking and reviews. Implement appropriate methodologies to monitor the resolution of action plan entries, escalating as required to the Operations Manager or Managing Director. Ensure clear timely Communications with the Critical Environments Director are made and when required escalations to highlight problems deficiencies or omissions to local plans and strategy. Ensure the local Risk Register is up-to date and accurately represents the risk profile and priority – escalating any gaps omissions via the CED

3. Equipment Maintenance Planning: work with other CEMs to validate Scopes of Service (SoS) for each unique equipment type, so standards and work practices are converged across the clients estate, to the best commercially practical standard. The SoS will contain the maintenance frequencies, durations, and detailed scope based on the manufacturer’s recommendations, site conditions, equipment history, industry standards, best practices, lessons learned, and service bulletins.

4. Quality Assurance: Support and on occasions Manage the on-going effort to create new processes and procedures in the areas of service delivery, operational readiness, safety, compliance and administration. These processes and procedures will be reviewed and enhanced on a regular basis either as a result of feedback from the field or as part of a scheduled periodic review.

5. Quality Control: Manage technical reviews and approval of critical procedures, monitor program compliance, conduct audits and evaluate program effectiveness.

6. Quality Improvement: Translate process observations and measurements into process improvements to be delivered locally and coordinate globally with the wider CEM team to ensure local Operational processes remain standardised.

7. Change Management: Monitor the implementation of the standardised formal change control process by the local data centre team. Encourage the site team to prepare adequately so work procedures and documentation, notifications, follow-through activities and exception handling are in used for operational activities.

8. Process Analysis and Design: Responsible for representing the local data centre needs and local legislative requirements are included the analysis and design of all critical environments programs.

9. Training: Responsible for reporting on training plans and the coordination of training for all critical environments programs. Training will cover employees as well as outsourced staff.

10. Reporting: Provide support and contribute in a timely concise manner to weekly and monthly meetings, supplier performance reviews and planning sessions with the local site team. Communicating the site KPI analysis to a monthly Executive review.

11. Involvement with Projects: During site development programs, including customer fit-out works and Life cycle – plant replacement works, help the Design, Delivery and Operational teams to deliver their responsibilities to one another. Identify and escalate any process gaps identified during the design and delivery processes and contribute to the Project Control Committees established to deliver works


  • Bachelors Degree preferred in Electrical or Mechanical Engineering;
  • Recognised apprenticeship in electrical or mechanical disciplines;
  • HV Certification;
  • Relevant Health & Safety Qualification. (NEBOSH, IOSH: Management of Health & Safety Level);;
  • Proven Experience within a critical environments operations team.
  • Management of Health & Safety within an HV electrical environment.
  • Substantial experience of working in the data centre and/or construction/ engineering industry.
  • Experience working with Quality Programs.
  • Quality Assurance/Quality Control methods and practices.
  • Preventative and predictive maintenance practices.
  • Worked in Mission Critical Environments.
  • Training Experience of Electrical or Mechanical disciplines.
  • Experience working in high availability environments (power generation, submarines, or similar environments).
  • Fluency in one or more European languages. (Other than Spanish and English).
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills in national language of facility.
  • Fluent written and Spoken English.
  • Excellent attention to detail.
  • Must be able to work with a remote team.
  • A proven ability to lead and influence teams.
  • Strong teaching and mentoring abilities.
  • Strong time management skills.
  • Experience working with CMMS and asset management systems.
  • Exposure to and an understanding of assessment and auditing regimes


Abigail Bakker +31 (0)23-3032900


Abigail Bakker +31 (0)23-3032900