Project Management Construction Supervisor – Velsen-Noord


Objective of the job

Monitoring and securing the quality, safety, and progress of the work on site in relation to the own discipline. With this taking into account technical guidelines, laws and regulations, requirements as described in the contract and/or design documents, the QOHSE policy, and the instructions from the Construction/Project Manager, all to deliver the work done in the construction phase in accordance with the contract agreement


Duties and responsibilities

1. Project realisation

Monitoring the progress and scope of activities of the contractor, as well as identifying delays and ensuring the contractor takes corrective measures on time. With this, taking into account the sequence of activities as determined in the planning approved by the Construction/Project Manager, in order to complete the construction phase of the own discipline according to the requirements.

2. Quality

Controlling, monitoring, and having corrected activities of the performing party, in accordance with general technical guidelines, laws and regulations, applicable standards, and specific requirements from the contract, in order to contribute to the quality of the work.


Monitoring the OHSE aspects are met on site, reporting unsafe situations and taking remedial measures, in accordance with laws and regulations and specific customer requirements, so the safety and health of employees from the various parties involved are guaranteed and unsafe situations and accidents can be prevented.

4. Reporting

Reporting the actual status of the work to the Construction/Project Manager, taking into account the agreements, in order to coordinate the activities in the construction phase and therefore facilitate the progress.


Abigail Bakker +31 (0)23-303 2900


Abigail Bakker +31 (0)23-303 2900