Project Manager – Zuid-Holland


We are looking for a Project Manager for our client on very short notice. It is a major player in the development, manufacture and marketing of additional lubricating oils and fuels for the automotive industry.

for the implementation of a number of projects that are planned at the customer for 2021. It concerns management of the total process, from “Idea” to “Commissioning” and including basic forms of Project Controls, Cost Control and Reporting.


Al Projects with a value over 5k are executed according to a fixed “work flow”:

1) Framing of Project

2) Listing of alternatives + deciding best alternative

3) Developing basic Scope of Work

4) Obtaining approvals + funding

5) Develop Scope thru Design and Engineering

6) Purchase Materials / Order Fabrication

7) Construct / Install

In the first stages of a Project (steps 1, 2 and 3 of above list), the main interaction of the PM will be with the Client “Process Owner”. In the later stages, the focus will shift to Engineering expertise and than to contacts with Suppliers and Contractors. During fabrication and installation the PM will ensure quality of the work by inspections and tests. Finally he has to make sure the work is “ready for use” and than arrange hand-over to the User.

The level of detail of each of these steps depends on Scope, complexity, criticality and so on.

The PM is responsible to coordinate all of above steps, in close, continuous communication with the Supervisor A&M

The List of Projects to be executed in 2021 consists of about 10 – 20 Projects, varying in money value between 5k and 400k. Projects range from requiring substantial Design and Engineering while others are limited to “Purchase and Install” of equipment.


  • Experience as PM, preferably in an industrial environment
  • Experience in working with detailed and exhaustive technical standards
  • Experience in using Project Control tools (estimates, forecasts, status reports)
  • Ability to tap expert knowledge (Consultants, Engineers, Suppliers, Contractors)
  • Experience in working in an environment with strict Safety, Health, Environmental rules
  • Ability to operate in an environment with detailed and exhaustive procedures for all elements of Project Management
  • Knowledge of NL market – EPC companies, Consultants, Suppliers, Contractors
  • BSc or MSc in engineering discipline
  • Good communication and reporting skills
  • Fluency in English and Dutch – written and verbal

Further information

• Main interfaces within the organization

  • Process Owner (Department who funds the project)
  • Procurement – for all Supplier, Contractor commercial, contractual issues
  • A&M – for issues on maintainability, execution of work on Site

• Idea is that PM will be located on the clients site, at least some days per week, this depending on COVID regulations and what is best practical set up.


Abigail Bakker +31 (0)23 3032900


Abigail Bakker +31 (0)23 3032900